29 June 2012
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UK DSL Service Provider’s Setting List

When configuring your router and you encounter the condition to enter the ISP-provided VPI/VCI, Connection Type and Encapsulation Mode, Please refer to the table below. ISP Name VPI/VCI Connection Type Encapsulation Mode MTU AOL 0/38 PPPoE LLC 1400 BT Broadband 0/38 PPPoA VC-MUX 1400 Bulldog 0/38 PPPoA VC-MUX 1400 Demon 0/38 PPPoA VC-MUX 1400 Force […]

28 June 2012
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BT Openreach fibres up 98 exchanges

BT Openreach has announced that it is to roll out fibre to 98 more UK exchanges, which are scheduled to be enabled later in 2013. This latest slab of exchanges is part of BT’s £2.5 billion spend on fibre roll out, and they encompass the entire country, from Sandown in the Isle of Wight, to […]

26 June 2012
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Potential issues after installing SharePoint Foundation 2010 SP1

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) was recently released through Microsoft Update. On a default installation, Windows SBS 2011 Standard administrators should be able to see it in the SBS Console and would need to approve it for installation before it is offered for installation on the server. Since SharePoint Foundation 2010, patching […]

25 June 2012
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Have an IT Support Question? Get it answered here for free

Are you having an IT Support issue that you are just having problems trying to solve, then please contact us below for a free answer. You will receive a full email back to you ASAP with out any hidden charges. these can be any problems from software issues with your desktop or server to hardware issues. […]

20 June 2012
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Serious security issue with MySQL

We have recently found a serious security bug in MariaDB and MySQL. So, here, we’d like to let you know about what the issue and its impact is. At the end you can find a patch, in case you need to patch an older unsuported MySQL version. All MariaDB and MySQL versions up to 5.1.61, […]

12 June 2012
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Welcome to the new One Source Communications Website

Welcome to the new One Source Communications website. From here you will be able to view our products and services and even meet the team.