20 December 2014
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3 Cloud Services Your Businesses Should Consider

You cannot do anything at the moment without hearing people talking about “The Cloud” so what is it and how can your business use it.

Put simply the “Cloud” is the concept of storing your software and data with a third party making them accessible from any location over the world by multiple users.

These provides businesses with flexibility and means that businesses can rent sophisticated and data hungry software rather than buy and host it themselves.

Here are 3 Cloud based services your business could consider adopting

Office 365/ Document Management

Office 365 is a subscription based version of Microsoft Office that allows you to work on share and save your documents in the cloud rather than your desktop.

This software saves businesses time and money as they only need to buy licenses as and when they need them and they pay for them on a monthly basis rather than an upfront software fee.

Office 365 is perfect for small companies and those looking to keep costs flexible in the early stages of their business.

Accounting and Customer Relationship Management

The cloud now allows businesses to rent on a subscription basis software that would have previously required significant investment and maintenance such as CRM or multi user accountancy systems.

Accountancy systems allow businesses to keep accounts in real tiem and have multiple users feeding data into the system. Customer Relationship Management tools allow businesses to store contact information, track leads and manage the sales process efficiently in real time.

Personal Data Storage

Although commercial data storage and file sharing software exists, we recommend for data security you consider your own NAS box.

This is an online server that connects to the internet and can store all your business files securely, in a way that your employees or even customers can access them from anywhere.

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