23 February 2015
IT Solutions
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3 Ways To Use IT To Make Your Business Look More Professional

black telephone on table work of officeChanges in IT allow small and micro businesses to present themselves in the same professional manner as bigger firms that are well established and have a wealth of resources.

Bootstrapping or tightly managing the finances within your business do not mean that you have to look new or small to your potential customers.

Build A Professional Website

Your website is your customer’s portal to understanding your business, within just a matter of seconds visitors make key decisions about your website and what it says about you.

By building a professional looking website you build the right impression on your users and convert them into customers. How much you should pay for a website can confuse small business owners but if you call u, we can talk you through options to suit your needs/budget.

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 Set Up A Landline Phone Number Via Your Mobile

Your business could be turning away customers by only having a mobile number published on your vans, marketing material and website.

Services to have a landline hosted and directed to your mobile are not expensive and could be a great way to reach your audience in a way that they trust. For a small amount a month you can radically change your public perception.

Putting Your Phone System On The Internet (VOIP)

When potential customers phone your offices, a positive experience that puts them through to the right person is key. Installing a VOIP system allows you to do this whilst reducing your costs.

A VOIP system integrates your phone system with your IT software allowing you to record all calls, receive voicemails via email and set up your office anywhere in the world through one central number. It can also allow you to use switchboard style services that people associate with larger professional companies.

A simple VOIP system can be set up to allow users to to select the department they need using their keypad, even if all options go to the same person.

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