5 May 2014
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40% Grant On IT Products In Peterborough – Destination Digital Grant

OneSource Communications is proud to announce that we are taking part in the Destination Digital grant scheme that allows businesses to get a 40% grant on IT products and digital services.  This grant is available for businesses in Peterborough and the Cambridgeshire area.

So we hope we can speak to as many businesses as possible as to how they can get a 40% grant on IT products and digital services that can grow their business.

Using IT Investment To Fuel Growth With Destination Digital

Keeping your business competitive and with the right IT tools to maximise efficiency, whilst keeping costs down is a challenge. We spend a lot of our time talking to our customers and devising solutions to keep their businesses digitally competitive and connected.

Capital expenditure can often be a drain on cash flow for businesses, however for those in Cambridgeshire help is at hand. Using the 40% grant on IT products we can help you invest in your business and deliver fantastic value.

This 40% grant on IT products and digital services is being facilitated by Cambridgeshire County Council and we are actively promoting this scheme and helping our customers take advantage of the upto £4,000 worth of funding that is available.

So far we have been particularly active helping our clients particularly in getting secure data back up services using cloud technology.

Our IT Manager Andy Cater told Destination Digital – “We always advise businesses to back up their data just in case anything happens and the safest way to do that securely is off-site, so we want to lead by example.”

How Can We Use The Destination Digital Grant With OneSource Communications

Destination Digital 40% Grant

OneSource Communications provides a number of products that are compatible with the Destination Digital grant that are eligible for the 40% grant on IT products.

Here are just some of the services we offer

  • IT equipment such as PCs, Laptops
  • Satellite Broadband
  • Support equipment such as servers and cloud storage solutions
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Coaching & Management

Should you wish to know more give us a call on 08442 570 111

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