7 January 2015
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Are You Ready For Your IT To Crash?

Technology is giving business owners more and more flexibility in the way they promote, operate and manage their businesses. This can include software and hardware to manage/communicate within the business, digital marketing and payment services.

The more devices, software and connectivity used in the day to day operation of the business the greater the impact in any loss of service. The affect on the business varies on the service lost however even losing email access will leave you tearing your hair out and cost the company money in lost sales or productivity.

This is why we recommend that every company considers the impact of the IT that it uses and the impact on the business a loss of service would have. Then where required and practical we recommend back ups are put in place.

This process is called Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and the plan to fix major issues is Disaster Recovery (DR). A good example of this would be a retail business having two broadband connections with different providers from different access points.

That way if there was a service issue with one then the business could switch to the other one without affecting the company’s ability to do business.

What Do Small Businesses Do If Their IT Stops Working?

If your busy relies on IT for its core operations then it is important to have a backup plan in place and know where to go to get the knowledge and expertise to fix it. This could be an expert within the company to act as the point person to identify and manage the issue.

If you do not have technical expertise within your company, you may be at the mercy of one of your suppliers and their response rates so check to see what your terms are.

If you want peace of mind and security that an expert can help you on your timetable, then it maybe time you considered hiring an IT support company to act as your safety net.

That is where we come in.

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