29 April 2014
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Business Data Sharing – Are Cloud Services Business Friendly?

Business Data Sharing


In the last few years we have gone through a global data revolution. This has seen us use cloud services to share files, photos and information in our business and personal lives. Business data sharing is now common from the smallest company to the largest multinational, but is it the right fit for your business?

Services such as Google Docs and Dropbox have made sharing and storing data affordable, allowing us to back up and share without thinking.

However data is the biggest commodity in today’s information based economy. From net neutrality to concerns about privacy laws control over how your data is stored and used is never far from the news.

For users using cloud services for personal use many of these issues are negated. Whilst the safety of the data is important, instant access and the threat of misuse of your data is not as real a threat as it is to businesses.

Business data sharing is more fraught with challenges. Many off the shelf cloud data services do not offer telephone or live support. Which means should you have any issues businesses are at the mercy of a faceless customer service department.

Delays in business cost money so whilst a service may be inexpensive can a business data sharing dependent company risk its data being unavailable.

Business Data Sharing Privacy Issues

The EU has some of the most robust data privacy laws in the world. However the key data sharing services are US based and give up little information about how the data is stored.

The US has enacted several laws that have been exposed as allowing the US Federal government to access data services such as Dropbox without much of a fight.

Whilst your business may not have the data that gets exposed by the likes of Edward Snowden, it is another loss of control over data you own. This makes many people uncomfortable.

Business Data Sharing Security

Using a large generic cloud based data service means that you’re data is part of a large collection of data that is a tasty target for cyber criminals and government agencies alike.

Whilst these companies spend a lot of time, effort and money protecting their servers, using these services does leave you more at risk than a smaller data management service over which you have control.

Alternative Solutions

It is possible to have your own tailored cloud solution for your business that has all the benefits of sharing like a Dropbox service without the security and support issues that may deter you from using these popular services.

In the coming weeks we will be launching a service that puts your data back in your hands.

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