27 August 2014
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Business Satellite Broadband – Why Location Is No Barrier To Connectivity

Satellite Broadband InstallationBusiness broadband and business satellite broadband are key parts of the modern business infrastructure. Back in 2010 the Department for Culture, Media and Sport headed by RT Hon Sajid Javid MP recognised this and stated that;

“Fast, reliable broadband internet access is essential for homes throughout the country to benefit from online services, and for UK businesses to compete globally.”

Since then business broadband and connectivity and how best to deliver it, is still widely discussed and debated issue within local and national politics. Business satellite broadband is increasingly plugging gaps that otherwise would leave rural businesses unable to compete.

Access to reliable and reasonably quick business broadband has become critical for the successful operation of the majority of businesses within the UK for some aspect of trading. However connection speeds and the ability to access the most advanced connections is a postcode lottery.

At national level there has been pressure to upgrade the national infrastructure and at a local level there have been a number of different schemes that tend to focus on population centres where infrastructure based solutions are more cost effective.

However for rural or hard to access locations, there is a risk that progress will once again leave businesses behind as investment pours into the city.

Business Satellite Broadband As A Solution

For those waiting on service providers or local authorities to act and give them access to the connectivity they need for their business there is a long-term or stop gap solution available.

The answer could be business satellite broadband that can deliver speeds of between 2 -20 Mbps at a starting price of £30 p/m after installation.

Business Satellite Broadband – Considerations

Whilst this speed, and the data allowances may not compete with landline based broadband it can give rural businesses a lifeline to take PDQ payments and access information via the internet at a reasonable speed.

Powered by satellites those wanting to use their business satellite broadband to play Call of Duty may be frustrated due to the latency caused by the distances that the signal has to travel between the access point and the satellite.

With an understanding of the lag, VOIP calls using services such as Skype are possible, just wait a few seconds between each burst of speech to avoid situations below.


Satellite broadband is affected by the weather. It requires line of sight between the dish and the satellite orbiting above earth, and anything that gets in the way of this, such as moisture in rain, can cause errors on the link. Although a general rain shower shouldn’t affect things, a large storm could cause disruption to your broadband link.

Satellite broadband is not the optimum solution for businesses, but for those starved of a reliable fast connection it can be a bridge between your business and the rest of the world.


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