11 October 2016
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How to protect yourself and your business from fraud and #besafeonline

For home computer users, businesses or anyone with a smart phone, online fraud is a legitimate concern. Without wanting to be all doom and gloom about it, there are some surprisingly sophisticated scams in operation, as well as scams that are successful because of their simplicity. So, what are the most common scams and how […]

24 October 2014
AVG Security
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How Worried Should You Be About Your Business Online Security

Listening to the news in the last 12 months, the internet does not feel like a very safe place to be, so how safe is your business and how worried should you be about your business online security? As we put more and more of our personal and business lives online, particularly into the cloud, […]

26 September 2012
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VIRUS ALERT: Downloading & Online Banking

Recently at One Source Communications we  have come across a virus. The first symptoms we found were that the PC’s in question had problems downloading certain file types from the Internet like PDF’s and EXE files. With further research into trying to fix the problem we found that the anti-virus program was not installed (when it was). When going to AVG […]

20 August 2012
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Not sure if a website is safe?

Are you not sure if a website is safe or not? Use this handy tool below to check if a site you are wanting to visit, but dont know if it is safe or not.