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How often do you backup your data? Is all your data held on site? If so, what would happen in the event of a disaster such as a fire or flood at your premises? Do you have staff working off site who need to be able to access the latest versions of files?

Having strong backup solutions in place for your IT systems and data storage is essential.

At One Source Communications, we can work with you to find out as much as possible about how your IT systems are structured, the data you hold and how your staff work, and use this information to recommend the most cost effective and reliable backup solutions.

Benefit from:

  • Automated backup

Automated backup to the cloud removes the human factor from the backup equation, as there is no longer a need for someone to manually switch your drives or tapes on a daily basis. Not only is this a great time saver, but it reduces the chance of human error – as we all know how easy it is to forget to run a backup on days that are particularly hectic!

  • Stress-free disaster recovery

Cloud storage is a fantastic way to protect your computer systems against fire, floods or other disasters. Even if the worst were to happen, you would immediately be able to access all of your data and files – even if your staff have to work from home – and continue with business as usual. This can save downtime and ease the financial and practical worries normally associated with disaster recovery.

  • Solutions for a mobile workforce

Today’s work force is on the move. More and more businesses have staff who work from home or teams at multiple sites. When you store your files in the cloud, people can literally work from anywhere in the world, accessing and sharing files with colleagues thousands of miles away and backing everything up to a secure central location. This helps to ensure that everyone is working from the latest version of a file and that sharing information isn’t restricted to a physical location or time zone.

  • Robust data security

People often ask whether cloud solutions are truly secure. We have chosen the partners we work with at One Source Communications because of their commitment to data security. If you chose a cloud backup solution through us, your data will be stored at a secure data centre in the UK that can only be accessed via stringent security measures, including – but not limited to – security guards with guard dogs, key cards and biometric entry. Because your data will be held in the UK, it will remain subject to UK data protection laws, which mean that it cannot be accessed by the government or any other third party organisations.

During the backup process itself, your data will be transferred using encrypted protocols to ensure that it remains secure. Cloud security is more robust than most fortified physical environments.


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