Do you struggle to get a good broadband service because of your location? Perhaps you’re looking for a competitive mobile broadband package that will give your staff internet access wherever they are? Do you need high upload and download speeds for fast data transfer?

It’s essential that your business has the best broadband solution for its needs, both now and in the future. When you come to One Source Communications to talk about broadband connectivity, we can help you navigate the many options available and arrive at the right option for your business.

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Did you know there are a number of different types of Broadband in the UK? It is important to understand the differences when making your choice for business broadband connectivity as each type offers a slightly different connection and you need to get the right one first time or you could be tied into a contract for a service that doesn’t fit your requirements.

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satellite broadband services

Satellite Broadband

If you struggle to get a good broadband service at your location, then satellite broadband may be your ideal solution. Satellite broadband is deployable pretty much anywhere within the coverage footprint for a given network, assuming the line of sight isn’t obstructed. However, satellite broadband is unlikely to be an alternative if you already have access to Fibre or good ADSL networks.

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mobile broadband services, 4GMobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is a wireless data communication technology that can deliver internet access to almost anywhere. By coming to One Source Communications you can access all of the options currently available, from competitive mobile data packages through to specialised 3G/4G routers and even satellite services.

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