22 January 2015
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Exchange In The Cloud – End Your Email Struggles

Email is one of the longest standing and most used cloud based technologies. It gives literally billions of people access to instant communication, document sharing and online calendars.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email solutions used by businesses large and small across the world with around 33% of email users on the platform in 2012.

Despite its strengths and position as a dominant business email platform, the changes in technology and diversification of technology have meant that the traditional outlook product for small businesses could be limited.

One issue was that Microsoft Exchange users could only easily access a full history of emails sent and received on the server from the device that downloaded it.

This caused businesses like Peterborough based social media management company DowSocial a problem as they operate one mailbox from several devices meaning that pulling together an accurate history and story behind communication was difficult.

Fortunately Microsoft have developed a range of cloud based software products including a cloud based Microsoft Exchange in the cloud which helps users overcome this issue.

Exchange in the cloud hosts all the emails on a webmail server which can be used simultaneously on multiple devices. Actions such as sending, deleting or sending emails are made on the webmail server from any device and updated instantly on each device.

“On the advice of One Source Communications we moved our emails to a cloud based Exchange server with them.

This has been a life saver, now I can view all my email history on the move on whatever device suits me, it even works seamlessly between my Windows desktop and Apple devices such as my iPhone.

This saves me time and allows me to have a full picture of my communication.”

Kristian Downer – Managing Director, DowSocial

Struggling With Your Email

Email is a critical function for almost every business, so if you are confused about the most cost effective and time efficient solution for your business why not give us a call.

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