11 October 2012
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FAKE Bad Piggies App spreads malware

Really Bad Pigs corrupting over 80,000 Chrome users

Be warned that there is a fake version of the Bad Piggies game out there for the Google Chrome browser, which is covered with MALWARE.

The Bad Piggies game, as you might be well aware, is Rovio’s spin of game from Angry Birds, which lets you take on the side of the pigs rather than the birds .

It came out on iOS and Android (along with Windows and Mac) formats at the end of last month, but as Sophos Security noted in a blog post, there’s no version for Google’s Chrome browser.

So malware authors have made fake versions, “free” games which installs nasty bits to your browser that can harvest surfing information and install adware.

We have been told that there is no less that 5 versions of the fake game.

Apparently over 80,000 users have been tricked into downloading and installing the fake game on their browsers. So please remember Bad Piggies is not out for Google Chrome  

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