20 November 2014
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How VOIP Has Revolutionised The Way Small Businesses Communicate

The internet has fundamentally changed the way in which the world communicates. One way it has done this is to revolutionise the telephony and communication options available to small to medium sized businesses.

One technology that has done this is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) a telephony platform that allows users to make calls without a landline connection using an internet connection.

VOIP systems are a platform that runs on your network just like any other piece of software and has all the traditional features of a phone system such as voicemail and caller ID along with a few enhancements.

VOIP is often cheaper than a traditional phone line offering businesses significant savings if they switch from their traditional phone line, this is particularly true if making calls internally, outside of your local area or internationally.

VOIP PC-to-PC calls are free meaning that internal communication can be done over the phone for free.

Functionality Changes

The cost and functionality benefits have revolutionised the telecoms industry and made functionality that was previously only available to large organisations available to even the smallest business.

It is now possible to set up your business to operate an advanced multi person phone system on the same phone number from across the world.

This means all calls are able to be digitally stored and voicemails can be emailed to the intended recipient automatically.  VOIP allows calls to be recorded and real time monitoring of call volumes to be easily accessible.

This includes features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to guide customers to the write department by asking them to respond to questions via their keypad.

IVR may have unhappy memories for those who have tried to call a bank or utility provider but for a small business this could be a massive timesaver for receptionists and secretaries.

Summary Of VOIP Advantages

  • Save costs compared to traditional phone lines
  • Ability to access a local number from anywhere in the world
  • Ability to track, monitor and review calls instantaneously

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