24 October 2014
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How Worried Should You Be About Your Business Online Security

Internet securityListening to the news in the last 12 months, the internet does not feel like a very safe place to be, so how safe is your business and how worried should you be about your business online security?

As we put more and more of our personal and business lives online, particularly into the cloud, a continued focus on security is important.

The news in the last few months has indeed painted a very murky picture of the safety of being on the internet, there seems to have been security breaches that have affected businesses large and small and even the world of celebrity.

There has been the heartbleed bug that threatened the security of website across the world, the hacking of large sites such as the Harley Group and the hacking of celebrity iCloud accounts all in the space of the few months.

Should You Worry About Your Business Internet Security

These stories like your internet security should be taken incredibly seriously, as you put more and more of your business onto the internet the more vital it is to keep your business safe. A data breach can have serious implications on your business, your reputation and your customers.

A data breach can cost you money in lost trade, regulatory fines and even the closure of your business if your reputation with customers takes a significant hit.

Therefore it is important to have security architecture and procedures in place to protect your business.

Here are just a few steps that can be taken to protect your business.

1)     Limit the access to sensitive information within your business and protect it

2)     Invest in security software for each device you use in your business

3)     Store critical information on servers/databases that you control

4)     Change access passwords regularly

5)     Have a security plan in place that is regularly reviewed

If you do not have a plan in place or need some support give us a call.

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