2 September 2014
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Is Your Business Broadband Too Slow?

Internet SnailHigh speed broadband connectivity is becoming a vital part of successful business infrastructure, from running an office, taking payments or even just communicating connectivity has a vital role to play.

The government has recognised the importance of this and there are countless iniatives to bring faster connectivity to towns and cities across the country.

For businesses in rural locations, even just a few miles outside of a well connected town or city this has seen them left behind. Whilst their inner city competitors may be getting superfast rates, they are stuck waiting for their turn.

But if your broadband is holding you back then here are a couple of options.

Bonded ADSL

If broadband is an issue one solution is to bond more than one broadband line together to form a single larger broadband pipe. Bonded DSL increases the download and upload speeds needed to transfer data.

The number of lines that can be bonded depends on your circumstances and the expected usage, we can advise you on the best set up.

This solution will involve an initial cost to set up and then a monthly line rental based on the number of lines.

Satellite Broadband

For rural locations where high speed or bonded broadband is not practical or cost effective satellite broadband could be the solution. A satellite installation can be mounted to your business location and provide connectivity to even the remotest of locations.

Whilst the speed, and data allowances may not compete with landline based broadband it can give rural businesses a lifeline to take PDQ payments and access information via the internet at a reasonable speed.

Powered by satellites those wanting to use their business satellite broadband to play Call of Duty may be frustrated due to the latency caused by the distances that the signal has to travel between the access point and the satellite.

With an understanding of the lag, VOIP calls using services such as Skype are possible, just wait a few seconds between each burst of speech to avoid situations below.

Still Unsure?

At OneSource we pride ourselves on finding the solution that is right for your business, so if you want better connectivity for your business give us a call.

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