20 October 2014
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Is Your Website Selling Your Business Short?


A website is an opportunity to show the world what your business does, however if your website is not optimised then you may be selling your business short and losing opportunities.

With 84% of households having internet access and 76% of adults in the UK accessing the internet daily, having a website is now a necessity for even the smallest of companies. A website is a place to be found and point potential customers that want more information about what you do.

With 74% of adults buying goods and services online it can is increasingly a source of revenue for businesses large and small. It can be used for retailing, fundraising and educating potential customers.

The Importance Of A Website

With the internet increasingly the primary search tool for goods and services, it is important that your website allows people to find you when they search for what you offer. It is estimated that when someone clicks on your website you have seven seconds to capture their attention before they become distracted and browse somewhere else.

Then once they arrive at your site it must meet their expectations for your company. This will include a brand that matches your image. The site should also make it easy to buy from or contact you.  The site itself should be user friendly and easy to navigate, this should include being “responsive” which means it can be accessed in high quality on smartphones and tablets.

Checklist For Your Website

1)      Give your website a clear brand and identity to your business

2)      Make sure there are clears call to action (buy, call or email)

3)      Fully optimised to be found on search engines (SEO)

4)      Cane accessed on smartphone and tablet devices (responsive)

If you are unsure if your website meets your criteria, get in contact and we will be happy to do a quick review and talk through the best options for your business.

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