10 June 2014
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IT Grant Available To Invest In IT For Your Business – Time Is Running Out

Destination Digital


Businesses in Cambridgeshire have been handed a rare opportunity to get financial help to invest in your business thanks to the Destination Digital grant. But get in quick as time to take advantage is running out.

If you have not heard of it, the Destination Digital grant offers your business up to 40% reimbursement for investments in IT & digital products/ services. The criteria for which are that you are a small to medium sized business that will use the investment to grow or add a revenue stream.

There is no minimum in the amount of funding you can apply for but the maximum is up to £10,000 of investment which would give a reimbursement of £4,000.

OneSource Communications is an approved supplier for the EU funded scheme and we have guided a number of local businesses through the process.

So far we have helped clients invest more than £50,000 in their businesses which equates to more than £20,000 in grant money being used to help our clients grow their business.

Our business knowledge allows us to give businesses advice on the best way to use the grant to grow their business. Whilst our knowledge of the scheme means that we can help you manage the process and make getting the funding as pain free as possible.

Time is Running Out

The £4m in the grant pot has to be spent before the scheme expires in March 2015, however with such a great deal the pot is running down quickly and once it is gone it is gone.

Nicola Graves of Destination Digital recently told a promotional event for the scheme that the funding was unlikely to last until March 2015 and businesses looking to take advantage of the funding should look to start the process sooner rather than later.

Time To Act

Therefore if you have a business registered in Cambridgeshire, now is the time to act, if you are unsure how this can help, give us a call and we will analyse your business needs and get you on the right track before the grant expires.

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