AVG is a powerful way to protect your home and business from internet threats. When you decide to use AVG anti-virus protection for your staff’s PCs and mobile phones and you take out an IT Support package, you will have the extra peace of mind of knowing that you have AVG as your first line of defence and an expert team to call on if you have an IT problem of any nature. We are proud to be an AVG Gold Reseller.

When you use AVG Internet Security, you can rely on it to:
  • Keep your communications clean, clear and fast
  • Minimise disruption to your business by securing your data
  • Free your time so you can focus on your business
  • Protect your budget, so you can spend less money on protection and more on growth
  • Keep your employees safe online
  • Safeguard client information and data from hackers


AVG Mobile Protection

The same threats that you can get on PCs – including viruses, malware and identity theft – are also threats to your mobile devices. AVG offer mobile protection for android smartphone and tablets:

  • Find and protect your mobile devices if lost or stolen
  • Keep your most precious, most personal device safe
  • Preserve your privacy
  • Backup your apps
  • Conserve resources and eliminate slowdowns


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