12 February 2014
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More reasons why Dropbox is not for Business

4 ,Can’t guarantee data integrity through restricted deduplication. Dropbox, uses deduplication in order to store less data and reduce storage costs.
Deduplication means that Dropbox scans each of your files and if it detects that the same file is stored on their server, even when owned by another
company or individual, they just keep the original, not your copy.

5, Can’t encrypt your data using keys unique to your files. Dropbox uses a simple encryption scheme that is based on re-using the same keys to encrypt
files belonging to different customers.

6, Can’t offer jurisdictional diversity. Dropbox servers (via Amazon) are only in the United States. Users, particularly in Europe, are concerned about US
privacy laws and aren’t given the option of another location to store their files.

7, Can’t seem to keep silos around files stored in Dropbox and other services like Facebook and Twitter. At the beginning of April this year, one of the
world’s top white hat security researchers, Nir Goldshlager, identified a severe security flaw within Dropbox that had the potential to allow hackers to take
control of the Facebook accounts of Dropbox users.
* source of information was the Soonr study.

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