24 October 2012
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New Office Web Apps Go Live

The NEW updated version of the Office Web Apps, that has been on preview since July are now available for Sky Drive and Outlook.com users.

The Apps how ever only currently work in the final Internet Explorer 10, Windows 8 and iOS6.

Some of the new features include;

  • Word Web App has new page-layout tools, picture tools and word count.
  • Excel lets you rename or add sheets as needed, and also enables printing from the browser.
  • PowerPoint brings audio and video playback support; it also has the ability to insert images, apply transitions and animations, as well as add pre-designed themes to a presentation from the browser.
  • Finally, the new OneNote Web App has enhanced search capabilities, and the ability to add notes, pictures or tags with greater ease. It also lets you share notes as URLs, viewable on a PC, phone or tablet.

Check out an overview of all the Office Web Apps here. Then, let us know what you think of the updates in the comments below.


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