26 July 2012
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Olympics are almost here!

Are you planning to watch this amazing festival of sport at work?

Most of the key finals are going to take place on weekends but all the rest of the events are going to happen during the working hours. So if you’re planning to watch it on line then please do plan ahead.

Every Broadband or Fibre connection has a bandwidth limit that hardly gets used during normal business use. However when watching or listening to live sport this bandwidth will get used up very quickly. Listening or watching online will use between 1.5GB – 2.5GB a day and that is for 1 PC. This is not much but the Olympics are on for 21 days !

By popular demand we at One Source Communications have created an Olympic bandwidth top up.

If you are going to watch or listen to the Olympics online then you can purchase a simple Top Up of 50GB that will easily see you through the 21 days of sports. Any of your topup not used will remain on your account until it is needed in the future.

London 2012

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