10 December 2014
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People Still Do Not Trust A Mobile Number

Earlier in 2014 we wrote about how businesses were potentially turning off a large chunk of their audience by only having a mobile number published on their vans, marketing material and website.

This means that customers formed impressions about the company based on the lack of a landline presence, which did not automatically match the image the business was looking to create.

Even as we move into 2015 and cloud technologies evolve to give businesses even more mobility and connectivity the public perception of companies that only advertise a mobile number is that they are less trustworthy than a company with a landline.

However all is not as it seems with VOIP and telephone numbers services it is possible to operate a traditional phone number without a landline from your mobile or desktop.

These services can give small businesses the ability to project their business as local in multiple locations and take the office with you wherever you go. This is a brilliant service for businesses that travel alot or are looking to service multiple local areas from a central location.

A typical user of these services could be a tradesmen such as a plumber, or a professional services company such as a solicitors or estate agents.

Why Wait?

Services to have a landline hosted and directed to your mobile are not expensive and could be a great way to reach your audience in a way that they trust. For a small amount a month you can radically change your public perception.

A landline is one of a number of steps in enhancing the first impression that your business gives, it shows that you are not a fly by night operation and are serious about what you do.

With that in mind the question is what are you waiting for?

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