20 May 2014
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Personal Data Storage – Time To Take Control Of Your Cloud

Personal Cloud Data Storage

Digital data storage and how best to protect your personal data is becoming an increasingly important issue for families and individuals.

The “cloud” and the personal data storage options it provides have entered the mainstream in the last 18 months, but does the average consumer really know what this means and the implications of the storage decisions being made?

A recent stat showed that 4% of photos in the world are hosted on Facebook, which shows the appetite to share photos with our friends and family.

Despite the weight of media not every digital photo taken is a throwaway selfie there are still plenty of “Kodak” moments we want to remember but keep of platforms like Facebook over which we have little control.

It is estimated that the average UK family will have collected over 7 terabytes of personal data that will need a storage solution by 2016.With this in mind, data storage, protection and sharing is no longer an issue reserved for businesses alone.

Treasured family moments are now captured digitally and stored on devices rather than the gigantic photo album that would be paraded in front of elderly relatives or for embarrassment when you bring that first partner home to meet your parents.

In the same vein music and videos for entertainment have evolved from VHS and Cassette to DVD and CD to iTunes and Netflix.

Despite on demand services, owning and controlling your own copy is still important to many as it is good to have a back up and have a tangible feeling of ownership.

Personal Data Storage Solutions

Finding a personal data storage solution is becoming a booming market place. Currently there are many cloud based personal data storage solutions that allow you and anyone around the world you want to access your data.

Sounds ideal but they come with strings.

Providers often provide tiered data solutions that start free but escalate as you increase your digital footprint. This can be ok for small personal use but do you want to pay out monthly ad infinitum to store your ever increasing  pool of data?

These providers often provide email based support and some are renowned for lengthy and complicated terms of service, do you know the responsibility the company are taking with your data?

With this in mind we believe that consumers should take control of their own personal data and look at solutions that retain the ability to share their data whilst remaining in control.

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