31 July 2014
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Quick Tips To Speed Up Your PC or Laptop

Slow computer concept.

The humble desktop PC or laptops have become the workhorse of the business world. Lacking the glamour of a smartphone or tablet, their importance can often be forgotten.

Whilst your desktop or laptop may not have had a fancy launch party from the manufacturer, create buzz on social media or be adorned with a fancy cover. Yet as a key part of your business it does deserve some tender loving care.

When your laptop or desktop is not working is running slow it can affect the productivity of individual employees and even your company as a whole. The good news is there are a few simple things you can do to that will help keep your businesses computers running smoothly.

Keep Your Desk (top) Tidy

It is tempting to create shortcuts and keep folders on your desktop. Too many can slow the start-up process as the computer loads all these icons and documents as part of the process.

Don’t Run Too Many Programs/Tabs At Once

Each computer only has a certain amount of processing capacity, every program you have open takes up some of this space. If too many programs are open at the same time the computer will slow down and become less responsive.

A simple fix is to close down programs you are not using, there may also be some running you are not aware of.

Shut Down Your Company Computers At Night

Recently we looked at the power of turning a computer on and off again when you encounter a problem.

When using a computer there are a number of processes that are running in the background, each application you open means more new processes start running. Even when you close applications this does not mean that all the processes associated with that program will be closed.

Shutting down your computer at the end of each day allows the computer to start from a clean slate which may improve performance.

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