18 April 2014
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Case Study – Satellite Broadband Installation at Lakeside Ferry Meadows

Trip Advisor Lakeside Ferry Meadows

Trip Advisor feature on Lakeside Ferry Meadows

One of the jobs that highlights how OneSource Communications can keep your business moving is a satellite broadband installation at Lakeside Ferry Meadows near Peterborough for the Nene Park Trust.

The Problem With Broadband Installation

If you have moved home in the last ten years you may be aware how frustrating it is trying to get the installation of your broadband to synchronise with the day you move in.

Now think from a business perspective how this could affect you should you not be able to accept credit card payments on your launch day with a venue full of customers.

Case Study Satellite Broadband Installation at Lakeside Ferry Meadows

Satellite Broadband InstallationThis is the scenario that was facing the Nene Park Trust as they looked to launch Lakeside @ Ferry Meadows. This is a £3m development that has been built to provide hire facilities by the lake as well as a café/visitors centre.

Due to the location of the building they were unable to get a normal broadband connection in time as the wiring did not reach.

Worried about the launch and having things ready, the team called OneSource Communications on the Wednesday with a launch due two days later on the 11th. We assessed their needs and the urgency of their opening and advised/arranged a satellite broadband installation.

This would allow them to get a fast and reliable internet connection allowing them to use PDQ technology to take credit and debit card payments. Something crucial to almost any retail outlet nowadays.

We had everything set up and ready to go on the 11th as planned and the launch of the building was a great success.

Here are a few pictures of our satellite broadband installation completed and hard at work helping the Nene Park Trust make the most of their new building.

More About Satellite Broadband Installation

You can find out more about how we connect businesses or satellite broadband installation on our website.

This is just one example of how satellite broadband installations can be used if you have a connectivity issue in your area or would like to talk to us about your needs give us a call on 08442 570 111.

Satellite Broadband Installation Panoramic



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