14 August 2014
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Send Me Your Bank Account Details – Send Them To My Gmail Account

Trusting people in the modern world is a risky business, the moment you go outside it feels like someone is going to fleece you.  It is even worse if you choose to stay inside and turn on your computer and read your emails.

Emails are a dangerous yet wonderous place full of Nigerian princes, attachments from strange emails about “what you really did last night” and adverts to buy mysterious “growth” pills that will make you very happy.

These are of course all scams from the low budget part of the internet that we come across almost everyday (depending on the quality of our spam filter).

Gmail, hotmail and yahoo are brilliant at giving us free access to our emails, they are also the addresses that we associate with scammers.  It is a sensible rule that if someone asks you for money from a gmail account, you should probably steer clear.

Email is An Important Tool For Business

The total number of worldwide email accounts is expected to increase from nearly 3.9 billion accounts in 2013 to over 4.9 billion accounts by the end of 2017. This represents an average annual growth rate of about 6% over the next four years.

With email a key tool for communication for your business, it is important that you set your business aside from these tricksters and portray a professional and trustworthy image.

Therefore we urge businesses to treat their business email as importantly as they would their web domain name or phone number. Whatever email browser you want to use investing in a hosted email that gives you an email address that matches your web domain should be a priority.

It is relatively inexpensive (less than £10 p/m) and will ensure that when potential customers see your website or business card for contact details they do not think of this guy below. If you would like to talk about setting up your own email why not give us a call on 08442 570 111

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