4 February 2015
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Should Your Company Have It’s Own Private “Dropbox”

Private DropboxMany of our clients ask us the best way to use cloud services within their business. They have heard of services such as Dropbox or Google Drive and want to find the one that suits their business needs most effectively.

Cloud based data storage can increase the efficiency and profitability of your business but it is important to consider who owns and controls the data before adopting it within your business operations.

Data storage services by third party providers may seem convenient but put control of your business data to somebody else, bound by their data storage practices, terms and conditions.

We therefore ask our clients to consider investing in their own private “dropbox” style cloud solution in the form of a NAS box. This is a private data storage device that can be accessed via the internet.

This data is controlled by your business and you can control who has access, who can add or remove files and which folders each user can have access to.

Each user can then access the data using their PC or via a mobile app that is on IOS and Android platforms.

Potential Applications Of NAS Box

  • Store and share business documents with remote workers
  • Create quotes, invoices and work reports that customers can access
  • Store promotional activity that perspective clients can access
  • Back up vital files from your hardware

Benefits Of A Private Cloud

The benefits of implementing a private cloud are based around allowing you to maintain control over your business data.

  • Facilitate remote working for employees
  • Give customers access to files and resources
  • As a form of disaster recovery
  • Share data in a controlled manner
  • No monthly subscription to commercial versions
  • Store data in accordance with EU data storage regulations

If you are confused by the cloud but think a customised data storage solution may be an option for your business give us a call.

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