5 November 2012
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Killer RABIT let loose by Openreach

We’re now three months into a customer trial of RABIT, known officially as the slightly less catchy ‘Major Service Outage (MSO) proactive CP notification trial’. RABIT is an innovative new cable protection system which can detect when a cable has been cut or damaged and notify the police so they can be at the site […]

15 August 2012
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UK Broadband Download Speed

The average speed of a UK broadband connection is on the up and up according to Ofcom, thanks to the roll out of super-fast fibre across the country. Both BT and Virgin Media are pushing out new fat pipes with speeds ten times faster (or indeed more than that) compared to basic 8Mbps ADSL. That […]

23 July 2012
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BT says “Fibre for Wales”

BT has secured a contract with government and European funding to provide Wales with a super-fast broadband roll-out designed to transform the country. The total amount which will be invested in improving Welsh fibre infrastructure will be £425 million, consisting of both public investment from the government’s broadband pot, and private investment from BT. Wales […]

28 June 2012
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BT Openreach fibres up 98 exchanges

BT Openreach has announced that it is to roll out fibre to 98 more UK exchanges, which are scheduled to be enabled later in 2013. This latest slab of exchanges is part of BT’s £2.5 billion spend on fibre roll out, and they encompass the entire country, from Sandown in the Isle of Wight, to […]