Would you like to upgrade your existing telephone system to one that better meets the needs of your business? Perhaps you’re looking for the best mobile options for your remote workers? Or would it save time and stress to have a single, expert point of contact for all of your business telecoms?

Your Business, Your Choice

When you choose One Source Communications for your telecoms services, we work with you from your initial enquiry onwards to provide the systems and services that will be a perfect fit for your business now and in the future.

Because of our expertise, you can be confident about consolidating to one supplier with the convenience of a single point of contact for all your data, voice, mobile, telephone system, and maintenance requirements.

This has many benefits:

  • Clear and transparent fees
  • An easy-to-understand monthly bill paid to a single supplier
  • Saves time and money
  • Improves workflow
  • Boosts efficiency
  • Issues resolved quickly
  • A great telecoms experience for you and your customers


Independent advice that’s relevant to your business

As an independent provider without bias, we will always give you a balanced assessment of technologies in use today, as well as helping to future-proof your business. We can then deliver bespoke solutions to meet the requirements of your business at best value prices.

We are a highly resourced and competitive partner of BT, Cable & Wireless, Thus and Gamma Telecom (as well as all T1 Carriers).

Want to speak to an expert? Give us a call on 08442 570 111 for advice that’s unique to your business.

telephone linesTelephone Calls & Lines

Our telephone call and line services include:

  • Inbound call numbers, such as 08, 03 and Virtual 01/02 numbers
  • Call management services
  • A wide range of telephone systems, including traditional and IP
  • System set-up and maintenance
  • Support

We have heavily invested into our own WLR3 BT Openreach portal, which means that we can provide BT Wholesale Lines and Calls, including Analogue and ISDN products. This enables us to give you a ‘full solution’, including BT faults which are managed in-house via a dedicated customer service team.

We operate our own custom billing platform, giving you a one-bill solution at amazing wholesale rates.

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mobile connectivity, broadbandMobiles

With more and more employees working remotely or across multiple sites, finding the right mobile package provider is essential.

When you come to One Source Communications, you have the reassurance of knowing that we are completely independent. This means that we are not sponsored by any one mobile carrier and so are able to recommend any of the major mobile providers depending on your location and needs. This includes bringing you the latest handsets, technologies and packages.

In our experience the majority of the mobiles used in the workplace are to contact internal staff. With this in mind, we can recommend mobile packages that will allow free calls to each of your business mobiles, as well as when the mobile calls the office. This will save your business a lot of money and make the way they operate more efficient.

Arrange a free, no-obligation chat with one of our expert team to find the best mobile deals for your business

Smart Phones

Smart phones are a fantastic tool when it comes to allowing your employees to manage much of their working day and tasks on the go. However, receiving emails via a smart phone can create some challenges:

  • Do the emails people send and receive from their work smart phone appear in Outlook on their office PC?
  • Can you see which items have been read?
  • Does this include emails sent via a smart phone?

Many businesses can show what emails have been received, but don’t have a record of any emails sent via a smart phone, which can open you up to a whole gamut of problems if you can’t provide a complete paper trail of someone’s communications in the event of a complaint.

We can ensure that all your sent items are saved and that emails you have read on your phone are synchronised when you get back to your PC.

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inbound, outbound callsInbound Numbers & Call Management

One Source Communications is one of the UK’s leading providers of ‘Inbound Solutions’. This means that we can provide you with ALL forms of incoming numbers and solutions, giving you a complete ‘one-stop shop’ for your call management. In most cases, we are also able to transfer your original phone number to us so that you can benefit from our vast array of services without having to change your contact details on your advertising.

  • Receive calls at any location
  • Make sure your customers never hear a busy tone
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Full disaster recovery
  • Never miss out on important calls
  • Minimise downtime
  • Provide a great customer experience
  • Gives you a single point of enquiry and support for all your call handling needs

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