Mobile phones for your staff

With more and more employees working remotely or across multiple sites, finding the right mobile package provider is essential.

When you come to One Source Communications, you have the reassurance of knowing that we are completely independent. This means that we are not sponsored by any one mobile carrier and so are able to recommend any of the major mobile providers depending on your location and needs. This includes bringing you the latest handsets, technologies and packages.

In our experience the majority of the mobiles used in the workplace are to contact internal staff. With this in mind, we can recommend mobile packages that will allow free calls to each of your business mobiles, as well as when the mobile calls the office. This will save your business a lot of money and make the way they operate more efficient.


Smart Phones

Smart phones are a fantastic tool when it comes to allowing your employees to manage much of their working day and tasks on the go. However, receiving emails via a smart phone can create some challenges:

  • Do the emails people send and receive from their work smart phone appear in Outlook on their office PC?
  • Can you see which items have been read?
  • Does this include emails sent via a smart phone?

Many businesses can show what emails have been received, but don’t have a record of any emails sent via a smart phone, which can open you up to a whole gamut of problems if you can’t provide a complete paper trail of someone’s communications in the event of a complaint.

We can ensure that all your sent items are saved and that emails you have read on your phone are marked as read when you get back to your PC.

Arrange a free, no-obligation chat with one of our expert team to chat about mobile packages or ensure that your smart phones are set up to support your business