14 May 2014
IT Solutions
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The Power & Difficulty Of Finding Right IT Solution For Your Business

For small to medium sized businesses the right IT solution can be a crucial factor in keeping the business efficient and competitive.

The right technology can improve market your business, process payments, track leads and help you provide a superior product to your competitors. The wrong solutions can be ineffective, expensive and a millstone around the neck of even the best business concept.

However event for those confident with technology finding the right solution for your business across the spectrum of requirements is difficult. Depending on your business there are a wide range of options at differing price points and comparison can be difficult.

Therefore we believe in giving you the advice you need focussing on your needs rather than the value of your investment.

Businesses Unaware of IT Solution Options Available

Some businesses we work with know exactly what they need and come with a shopping list, others have a problem that needs solving but no idea where to begin. They may not even be aware a solution exists!

We regularly start working with customers providing one of our core products and building a relationship. As we learn more about the business we are then able to suggest solutions to problems that the business have struggled with for years.

As example of this is DowSocial who started with us looking for a way of tracking leads from their phone numbers, as we learnt more about the business we were able to advise on secure data storage solutions and alternatives to Dropbox.

The OneSource Communications Difference

Finding the right solution to match the needs and budget of every business we deal with is something we are passionate about at OneSource.

We believe in building relationships and providing the advice that can help business owners make informed decisions about the best options for their business.

We have a broad range of knowledge across our team, which means we can help put together packages across the digital spectrum. This includes, broadband, telecommunications, IT hardware, software and even web design.

This puts us in a great position to advise on the IT solutions that are available and focus on finding the right solution for your business.


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