10 September 2014
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Three Rules To Keep Your Business Safe Online

Whether you are using the internet for personal or business use, dealing with the threat of cyber crime has become a reality.

Form the early days of Nigerian princes offering you a princely sum for your bank account details the world of cyber crime and security has turned into a game of cat and mouse. As users and firms learn to be wary or protect themselves, the criminals have learnt new tricks.

With more and more of our lives and businesses online, we have put together a few of the simple rules you can follow to help protect your business from becoming a victim of security breaches.

1) Use and Update Your Anti-Virus Software

A nice simple one to start, with lots of threats out there make sure you use an anti-virus software and set up the automatic updates so your protection is updated as new threats are identified and counteracted by the software.

We work closely with AVG who are a respected supplier within the field

2) Only Open Attachments You Are Expecting From People You Trust

Although good anti-virus software will protect you, it is best practice to limit your exposure to threats wherever possible. Try and stay on reputable sites and put filters in place to keep staff and employees off adult sites.

One common tactic at the moment is emails from accounts claiming to represent a small business with an invoice attached for a product or service.

This is a clever tactic as you may be tempted to open it out of anger/curiosity as you know that you do not owe that company any money. These invoices though contain malware or a virus designed to damage your PC or capture data about you or your business.

3) Never Give Your Information To Anyone, Ever!

Ok this one may be a little over the top but it is one of the safest ways to avoid being a victim of cyber crime is to avoid giving out your details online. If this is impractical, use common sense and only access websites for financial or eCommerce sites directly via your browser (do not click links from emails etc).

When using a website to buy something, check to see if the web address is a secure one with the https prefix. This will ensure you are on a secure site that is harder to access for criminals.

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