4 April 2014
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Tracking Where Leads Come From When Using Traditonal Advertising

Landline Call Tracking

Tracking where leads come from in your business is important. If you know what is working and what is not, you can boost revenues and save money. This can be done by reinvesting in marketing that works and either dumping or refining those that are not converting.

Once you are tracking where leads come from you can identify trends, segment your customer base and tailor your communication based on the acquisition method.

Online you have many options on how to do this. If you are driving people to your website you can drive people to certain parts of your website for different promotional channels. Tracking where leads come from when advertising can be done via services such as Google Analytics.

This extends to large businesses that are able to use “big data” to analyse large and complex sets of collected data. This allows organisations to tailor their product offerings and marketing around the behaviours of potential customers.

The problem businesses face is when marketing is largely focused offline and the measure of success is people calling the business.

Case Study: How Businesses Monitor Offline Transactions

Data has been a key part of the growth strategies of some of our household names and the driver behind one of the most common “big brand” marketing strategies the loyalty card.

Loyalty cards are a powerful marketing tool as they extend the customer relationship & allow the analysis and tracking of offline transactions electronically. This allows detailed analysis of the purchasing behaviours by location and demographics.

Use a supermarket that uses a loyalty card program? Think its spooky how they know exactly which money saving coupons they send you? The truth is you shouldn’t they know exactly what you buy every week so have all the information they need to send you offers to entice you through the door.

Tracking Your Offline Marketing In Real Time Using Phone Technology

Whilst small businesses may not have the resources to set up a large loyalty card program with the reach and analytical power of the major supermarkets there are still ways to track where leads come from and the success of your offline marketing.

One such way is by mimicking the online marketing strategy of having different websites for each promotional method, you can do the same using phone numbers.

For example if you send out 10,000 leaflets, put an advert in the local newspaper and have a billboard campaign you can set up a different number for each channel

If you set these up with a telecoms expert you can have them set up so you can view every call received to each number via an online portal.

Portal web

This will allow you to work out where your leads are coming from and refine them accordingly.

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