30 June 2014
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Turning It On & Off Again – Why IT Support Always Ask This When You Call

When you are having IT problems there is a comfort in knowing you can pick up the phone and speak to your IT support provider for help.

As experienced help-desk operators One Source Communications are adept at listening to the users problem, cross referencing with our knowledge and asking questions to determine the issue and the appropriate fixes.

There is however one question that has come to epitomise the IT support stereotype and drive users crazy, so we thought in this blog we would look at in depth and why we keep asking it.

We are of course referring to the classic “have you tried turning it on and off again”

This drives users crazy as its so simple and sounds a little bit like a cop out, however as simple and mundane as it sounds IT REALLY WORKS!

Whilst we do not employ such high tech solutions as those in this IT Crowd clip, we agree that this can be a powerful tool to solve certain user issues. In short we ask it because it works and can save the user time and get them up and running again as soon as possible.

Why Does Turning It On & Off Again Work

When using a computer there are a number of processes that are running in the background, each application you open means more new processes start running. Even when you close applications this does not mean that all the processes associated with that program will be closed.

Turning a computer on and off again shuts down the computer closing all programs and processes, this allows the computer to work from a clean slate which can be what is required to get things running smoothly on your PC again.

If this does not work then we can start to assess possible causes and solutions to your problem. Our focus is to get you working again as soon as possible, so the next time an IT tech asks you to turn your computer on and off again, be gentle we are only trying to help.



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