28 December 2014
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Two Great Tools to Manage Your Social Media

Social Media is an increasingly important part of the marketing mix for small to medium sized businesses, there are an increasing number of opportunities to be found by implementing an effective digital marketing strategy, to the point it is becoming almost mandatory for a wide range of businesses.

However finding the time to create content and manage your social media can be difficult particularly if you have the rest of your business including customers or employees to manage.

For those looking to manage their presence effectively there are a number of different tools that can help save you time and money whilst giving you access to a number of different reports to track its effectiveness.


Hootsuite is a social management tool that lets users view all their social media channels in one place and operate it within multi person teams.

This saves time as things are easy to reach and manage especially as you can schedule automated posts for months at a time.

This is handy as it saves logging in to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn independently to post and the need to post every update in real time.

Hootsuite is free to initial users and for those with more than 3 social media profiles


Sprout Social is a social media management system that similar to Hootsuite allows with functionality for multiple person teams and a focus on engagement, publishing and analytics.

Sprout’s platform currently offers users the ability to manage posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn and access powerful analytics.

One of the key to features is the ability to track interactions and assign them to members of your team as tasks to complete, which is useful from a sales and customer services perspective.

Which One Should I Use?

Both platforms are user friendly have great features for small businesses to utlise, Sproutsocial is more expensive for Hootsuite but each have unique benefits.

Hootsuite is great for listening to platform trends related to your business and scheduling things out into the future. Where SproutSocial comes into its own is managing actions coming out of social interation and analytics.

Both offer a free trial so you can see which one suits your needs the best.

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