26 September 2012
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VIRUS ALERT: Downloading & Online Banking

Recently at One Source Communications we  have come across a virus. The first symptoms we found were that the PC’s in question had problems downloading certain file types from the Internet like PDF’s and EXE files. With further research into trying to fix the problem we found that the anti-virus program was not installed (when it was). When going to AVG to download AVG Free the site would not load. We then tried all the major Anti-Virus websites McAfee, Norton, Trend, Avast, Avira and Kaspersky but with not luck in the slightest.

We later then also found out the potential true purpose of on the virus in this case it was a Trojan Horse was to get banking information. We found that it looks at your keystrokes when purchasing items online to grab banking information. We later then found that when logging into t our online banking in this case Natwest but we are certain this does not matter. It would ask for full information of pin, and card details and address. Banks would never ask for this information. SO NEVER fill this out. Please take a look at the print screen below. This is the kind of thing it looks like.

VIRUS Online Banking Natwest

Why Didn’t my Anti-Virus First Pick It Up

After researching into how the virus potential works we found that it starts life of spyware and what most people are not aware that the standard Anti-Virus Program like most the free ones out there don’t have spyware protection you have to pay for it. This spyware then goes off and downloads the virus a file at a time and attaches itself to other files on your PC or Laptop. This is how the virus once all the files have been downloaded by the spyware bypass the Anti-Virus program by then it’s too late.

What Do I Do Now

Firstly STOP logging in on your online banking. And fine a safe and secure machine to check your bank account and make sure nothing is missing our out of the ordinary. We strongly advice to also contact your bank too.

After running a full scan from the AVG Boot CD it was able to detect the virus but was unable to remove all of them. Ultimately the best way to be 100% sure that you have removed the virus is to reinstall the PC from scratch. Please make sure that you BACKED UP your PC data before doing this.

If you have any questions please get in contact with us and we can advise you on your next step.

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