Does your website have its own domain address – one that reflects the name and/or nature of your business – or do you use a free hosting address? When you give clients your contact details, do you give them a Hotmail address or an email address that relates to your domain?

A dedicated website domain such as looks far more professional than an address like Clients are also more likely to trust that yours is an established business if you have an email address such as rather than


Get your Domain Name

There is a popular misconception that registering your own domain is either complicated or expensive. In fact, moving to and should cost you only around £10 (payable every two years), and will take no more than 30 minutes of your time to set up. The biggest problem is usually that your preferred choice of domain name is already in use by someone else – a problem that will only get worse the longer you put it off.

One Source Communications can, and do, offer website hosting and domain registration and transfer as part of a complete internet solutions package. We use 123-Reg for a range of reasons including price, service and ease of use.

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