17 June 2014
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What IT Support Can Mean To Your Business

Word support on computer keyboardIt is exceedingly rare for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) to be able to function without some level of IT infrastructure. Whether your are, a one man band with just one laptop or tablet for a or a large networked office it is hard to think of a business that is not reliant on IT to function.

Therefore it is important for businesses whatever their size to make sure that they have the most reliable and efficient IT solution available to them to drive sales and customer service.

If for any reason these systems stop working then the impact to your business can be crippling, if your broadband goes down or the server crashes then you may be unable to function as a business. Then not only are you wasting time, possibly paying staff to do nothing and pulling your hair out, you are also potentially missing sales and the customer is being affected.

Therefore it is prudent to put systems in place to prevent this and have contingencies in place to restore service as soon as possible.

With so much to know about your business it is therefore prudent to have in place an expert in your system configuration and business needs. Their role is to make sure you have the IT solution that best fits your business, to maintain your IT equipment and provide support where needed.

Depending on a number of factors including, size, expertise and budget companies solve this problem in a number of ways from hiring internal support resource, outsourcing to a third party or a mixture of the two.

Many of the businesses we work with prefer the flexibility of having an outsource IT support solution as this can reduce overheads, allow greater flexibility and access to a deeper knowledge pool than having dedicated resource on site.

Each business has its own varying set of needs dependent on the hardware, software and connectivity needs of the business and it is important that you find the right service for you. For example If you work evenings and weekends in your business you may also need a package that provides support to cover those periods.

At OneSource we have seen this need and tailored a number of different packages to provide support for your business whether you are a one man band or a large company.

We have extensive experience dealing with both so if you would like to ensure your business has the support it needs give us a call.

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