6 August 2014
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What Your Phone Number Tells Customers – Is Your Mobile Number Toxic?

Retro Phone

The internet has changed the way we communicate; yet traditional phone communication is still a vital communication tool for businesses. A phone number is one of the first things that your business will have  set up, and it can say a lot about you to customers and suppliers.

For example, if you your main contact number listed on your business card or website is a mobile number, you could be telling your customers, a story that does not reflect your business.

The public can form instant opinions of your business size, location, trustworthiness and age based on something as simple as your phone number.

Here are a few of potential things your phone number could say to your customers

You Are Too Small To Help Them – Your phone number can give clues to your size. A mobile number suggests a one man band, a local number indicates a small to medium sized company and a freephone or 0845 (local rate) number suggests you are a larger company. If you are a company working with established businesses they may have expectations around the size of company they will look to work with.

You Are Flaky or Cannot Be Trusted – Mobile phone numbers are transient, you can change them overnight and for those up to no good, they are harder to track. Having a local or national number does not automatically mean you can trust a business, but it creates a sense of permanence that helps build trust.

You Are New/Not Ready  – A mobile number can suggest you are a small company or that you have just set up and have not finished setting up your infrastructure.

You Are Based Too Far Away – An obvious one, but if you have an 01733 number people will assume you are in Peterborough and if you have a 01603 number that you are in Norwich. This is great if you operate only in one phone area,, but may deter customers from other areas within your sphere of influence. One option would be to have a number in each area you want to attract customers from or get a national number.

Get A Phone Number That Reflects Your Image

Based on the factors above we advice our clients to avoid having a mobile number and create a telephony strategy that appeals to the customers you are trying to attract.

We have services that allow companies to set up local or national phone numbers that direct to a central point. This could be a local number such as your home office or even your mobile phone giving you flexibility and the image you want.

If you have any questions why not visit our numbers section or give us a call 08442 570 111 or send a query




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