2 December 2014
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Why Business Broadband Connectivity Speeds Matter

The government on a national and local level is now putting serious focus to improving the broadband connectivity speeds accessible to the UK’s businesses.

This is because there is significant evidence to suggest that this is vital to ensuring that the UK can compete in a global marketplace.

Improvements in technology have seen businesses go from primarily consumers of data from the internet to increasingly uploaders of data as well.

This is due to the adoption of technologies such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and other cloud based services such as dropbox that involve uploading information to the internet.

This means to support new local businesses and attract global companies to operate some or all of their business in the UK there needs to be the right technological infrastructure to support them.

Importance of Broadband Connectivity

Broadband is like the road system of the internet, the right infrastructure allows traffic (information) to flow freely allowing everyone to move quickly and efficiently with the minimal amount of fuss. If the road is blocked or slow, then it becomes difficult to do anything costing time and ultimately money.

For the government this matters because attracting businesses to the area increases employment and secures the future of the community.

If businesses cannot get a fast enough broadband connection to comfortably run all their devices and a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) system in a location then they are unlikely to move their business there and choose alternate location.

Impact On Small Business

For small businesses this lack of connectivity may prevent your business from benefitting from the cost benefits and efficiencies of the cloud, limiting the businesses ability to compete on a national or even global level.

Particularly if a lack of connectivity affects the businesses ability to communicate and share data with suppliers and customers effectively.

If you are worried about the way broadband connectivity, why not give us a call to discuss your options?

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